You don’t make new cannabis strains without GMO

I know, you absolutely have become tired of hearing about Non-GMO foods and products. It honestly seems that everyone is saying how bad they are for you and that you should only use these and organic forms of basically everything. There is a lot to be said, however, when it comes to GMO research and the benefits that it has in the medical industry! Without the ability to modify the genetic makeup of plants several medications would not be available to help with all types of diseases and illnesses. Several of the medications on the market happen to be derived from plants that have been altered to deliver relief. One of the most commonly used plants is the cannabis plant. It is used for everything from pain management to appetite enhancement. In cancer patients this can be particularly beneficial. Many of these strains have been altered to match the identifiable use and separate from that scientific procedure it would not be possible. There are many misconceptions when it comes to the process used to genetically alter a plant. I feel that several people feel that some scientist is in a lab injecting their food with a bunch of chemicals and pesticides. In reality, GMO fruits and vegetables have been on the market for decades. By grafting, cross pollination, and selective reproduction, even the apple that you eat is no longer anything like the original fibrous ones of years ago. When it comes to marijuana farming the Grow Master is put in charge of the development of new strains and relies strongly on people with degrees in genetics to make sure that the process is done the right way.


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