Why sativas are great

I used to deliver pizzas, and because I never graduated high school, I figured that was all I would ever do. Please don’t get it twisted, I genuinely kind of appreciate it. I appreciate driving, being outdoors, and not having to sit behind a desk for hours. As a big fan of pizza, I also eat at my job every single day I am there, which saves me some money on groceries! The only problem comes when I start thinking about the long term aspect, and if I would still be doing this is in 10 years. Recently I moved up in the world, and started driving for a local marijuana dispensary instead of a pizza joint. The pay is a little better, the job is essentially the same, however my cannabis clients are so much nicer and more relaxed than my pizza clients used to be. I would say close to 81% of the time when I make a cannabis delivery, they will invite me inside to hang out, smoke, or have something to eat with them… No joke, cannabis clients are among the nicest people I have ever met in my life, and of course I regularly refuse their kind offers, because part of the job is to never, under any circumstances, smoke marijuana while on the job. My boss told me that was cause for immediate dismissal, and would also prevent me from getting hired by other marijuana dispensaries in the area. I can never allow this to happen, because on top of being super nice people, my cannabis clients also tip me a whole lot more than pizza fans ever did.

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