Why I like CBD

Drugs should be only used for medicinal reasons, I think that’s an unpopular opinion these days however there you have it… I watched my family become ripped apart by casual drug use in my younger days, as well as it made me a serious opponent of getting high for the sake of getting high. Drugs can totally change who a person is, as well as make them feel like nothing else besides getting more drugs! When faced with the choice to start using medical marijuana to ease my pain as well as aid with my appetite, I refused it at first. Given, my family hadn’t been torn apart by marijuana use however by hard drugs, but I still lumped it in with all the rest. My doctor explained the medicinal benefits of using cannabis, at which point I told him all of my concerns that I had. I was not aware at the time of the existence of CBD oil, which distills the medicinal aspect of the plant for people don’t want that feeling of being “high”. My brain is definitely all I have, so I want to keep it uncluttered as well as as healthy as possible, not muck it all up with a great deal of marijuana smoke. I was hesitant at first, however CBD oil quickly proved to have a very positive impact on my body without tampering with my mind or my emotions. After just a few weeks I have become entirely in favor of medical marijuana use. Although I only wish to use CBD oil, the physical benefits of cannabis certainly cannot be disputed as well as should be available to the people who can benefit from it.

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