Why I enjoy our cannabis dispensary

I truly like the cannabis dispensary that I work at.

I could say it is because I own the dispensary, but in truth it is because i love my staff.

The staff in my dispensary are kept knowledgeable of all changes and new products. They take courses before starting working for me, and they have training classes once a week. There is not a budtender who works for me who doesn’t know what they are talking about when it comes to marijuana. I asked a budtender in another cannabis dispensary, about the benefits of CBD oil. She told me it would help whatever ailed me. It may have some truth, but she could not give me any special information because she really didn’t know that much about it. I knew then and there that I wanted to open a cannabis dispensary where everyone was knowledgeable. This happened way too many times. When I got the ability to open my cannabis dispensary, I was thrilled. I went online and checked out all of the training that was available. I made sure that I could get every one of my employees training on marijuana. They are constantly learning about new products and new marijuana strains. A couple years I was awarded Best Cannabis Dispensary in my area. I think the only way to succeed as a cannabis dispensary owner is to carry good product and to have excellent staff with a vast supply of training and knowledge. If you don’t supply the tools to your budtenders and other employees, you are dooming your business.


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