Where marijuana is legal

My spouse plus I have been fighting quite often as of late, even more so than usual! To put it into context, we have constantly been a very passionate couple, prone to horrible fights plus even long make-up sessions. People seem to not believe us when we say we have been together for more than nine years, because they believe whenever we argue that we entirely do not care for each other in the slightest… I entirely don’t care what people happen to think, as long as by the end of the afternoon the spouse plus I are still a couple. I don’t even think this is the end of our marriage by any means, but I entirely shocked at how long we have been fighting. I am more confused by her ludicrous opposition to recreational marijuana. This is a lady who voted a few times to legalize medical marijuana use in our state, plus yet that is apparently where she draws the line. I seriously didn’t know she felt so strongly about recreational cannabis until a few evenings ago when she came back to the property plus found myself and others smoking a joint. It was a gift from a good neighbor of mine who had a prescription for medical marijuana, plus since I hadn’t smoked in a long period of time, it was entirely nice. My spouse came home, smelled the marijuana smoke, plus proceeded to go ballistic on myself and others for breaking the law in our property. I asked her if there was a complication with cannabis itself, or merely the fact it happened to be illegal. Her position was that cannabis is a drug, plus should only be used for medical use plus not just for kicks.


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