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For veterans returning from active duty, PTSD is all too prevalent.  Attempting to acclimate into normal life presents a strenuous challenge, often resulting in lack of employment, homelessness, and even suicide.  The majority of those who suffer from PTSD don’t seek treatment. For those who do, the prescribed medications cause harmful side effects. These side effects closely mimic the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of treating PTSD with cannabis. Unfortunately, it is strenuous for veterans to acquire access. While an increasing number of states have passed laws to provide PTSD suffers with medical cannabis, the treatment is not covered. Most veterans are never made aware that cannabis treatment is even an option.  Veterans advocacy groups continue to apply pressure for change, and yet marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug. This classification, imposed by the federal government, includes a high potential for abuse, with no recognized medical benefits. In order to fund large-scale research into the benefits of cannabis treatment for soldiers with PTSD, the modern administration must reclassify marijuana. The American Legion has repeatedly appealed and been met with resistance.  The modern administration’s hard-liners are actively seeking to repeal existing laws in individual states and make it more strenuous to pass modern ones. They continue to ignore evidence and success stories and deny our soldiers an effective treatment. Fortunately, the Senate recently voted to enter the Veterans Equal Access amendment into legislation. The bill is expected to expand veterans’ access to medical marijuana nationwide, however still awaits passage in the House of Representatives, where it might particularly well stall.

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