Weirdest job I ever thought I would have

I have always had a passion for gardening and my yard is where you would normally find me when I was off on the weekend.

I would spend hours upon hours putting in plants, trimming bushes, and making sure my yard was really a showplace for the neighborhood. I worked full time so my weekends were working in my yard as my “second job”. It was all worth it each time someone would tell me how beautiful it was. All of this changed when the factory where I worked shut down. We were all given six months severance and this allowed me to really look for a job that suited me better. I knew I didn’t want to go to another factory and work on another assembly line. Because of my passion for growing things I was intrigued when I saw a commercial for a job fair at the local marijuana farm. Now, I am in my mid forties and couldn’t imagine myself working at a pot farm. As it turns out, much of their workforce is my age or older. They had a job listing for a Bud Trimmer. I thought that this sounded similar to tending plants much as I do so I applied. I was hired and at a fairly decent wage. My job is to go around and trim the buds off the plants. This is similar to the work you would do if working with bonsai plants. I use very small scissors to trim the specific part off the plant that is needed for production. If you had asked me years ago I never would have seen myself in a job like the one I have now, but I love it.


Commercial grow op

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