We wished we knew about CBD a long time ago

I have a nephew that always had very horrible seizures. Whenever he would break out into a seizure it would be a very scary ordeal. This was depressing for our family because no matter what we did, we were not able to stop the seizures from happening. We spoke to all kinds of doctors and nobody seemed to be able to solve the problem. He took all kinds of different medications, and none of them worked at all. Finally, somebody was telling us about CBD oil. After all the medicines my nephew had to take, I didn’t think he needed to get “high” to help with his seizures. The person was saying that CBD doesn’t get you “high” at all. As a matter of fact, it gives you a majority of the benefits from the cannabis plant without affecting you with some type of euphoric “high”. They were saying how great it worked for stopping seizures as well. I was definitely skeptical of this because if this was so, why weren’t our doctors telling us about CBD? Honestly, the doctors didn’t seem to know how to handle the seizures. Most of the medications my nephew took were only minimally successful in helping to prevent seizures, but most patients would still get them. So I decided it couldn’t hurt to talk to my brother about getting his son on CBD oil. He thought I was nuts for bringing up something that came from “weed”. He said the same thing I said that his son didn’t need to get “high”. I explained what I was told and finally he decided to give it a shot since CBD is legal pretty much everywhere. We got him the tongue spray with the CBD in it, and we were all blown away. His seizures immediately stopped, and with him using the CBD spray each day, he has never had a seizure since! We were in total disbelief, but now we stand by CBD! Nothing else has worked for my nephew, but now he doesn’t get seizures! We wished we knew about this CBD a long time ago.

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