Waking up is easier for me now

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I started having difficulties sleeping at night; I struggle to fall asleep at night, and sometimes I’m awake for hours.

Then once I fall asleep, I’m truly restless.

I tend to wake up frequently throughout the night, and when our alarm rings in the day, I am exhausted. It’s hard to get up. I’m then sluggish at work, can’t concentrate and yawn continually all day. I am reluctant to try sleeping pills because of all the harmful side-effects you hear about. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies such as herbal teas, exercise and meditation but nothing has helped with my sleeping complications! A coworker of mine recommended that I try cannabis. I did some research and found out that cannabis has helped a lot of people overcome insomnia like mine. Cannabis is actually natural and safe, with no long-term side-effects. It is also legal in our state and so I looked into dispensaries. I was amazed by the number of them in our local area. I checked out their websites, expecting to find seedy, little businesses, but each one of the dispensaries was modern-looking and legitimate. They had the right certifications and licenses… Their budtenders are highly trained and experienced, and they offered a full list of products online. Their products are tested for quality, safety and integrity. When I visited the closest one, the people there were welcoming and friendly. They helped me to determine the right choice to combat insomnia. I was truly interested in the edibles and tinctures and they gave me lots of information and recommendations. I think my visit to the dispensary was truly beneficial. There’s been a vast improvement in my sleeping habits, and I feel much better in the mornings now when I wake up.


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