Ventilating a Grow Room

In most places, growing marijuana is highly illegal.

Fines can range from hundreds of dollars to time in federal prison.

However, there are places around the US that are warming up to the idea of growing marijuana. There are benefits of legalizing the drug. Recently, there has been a new concern for HVAC companies when it comes to providing the ventilation for a new grow room. Obviously, the people who work near marijunana all day run the risk of inhaling chemical that might have effects of their health, as well as their productivity. Proper ventilation of grow rooms is a vital part of a smooth and productive operation. Many HVAC companies have been placed in a challenging position. When faced with a job that could make them a lot of money, they must consider the law. Before providing ventilation installation services, HVAC companies need to know if growing marijuana is legal in their area. Without this knowledge, they could put themselves in a situation where they could face jail time or fines. Being associated with an illegal operation can be detrimental to the companies reputation. In situations like this, it is always better to be safe than sorry. HVAC companies reserve the right to deny services to any operation they believe to be illegal. With such a large risk at hand, it is not worth the risk to do a job for an illegal marijunana operation. The risk outweighs the benefit.

Marijuana growing equipment

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