To grow good marijuana plants

Ever since marijuana has become legal in our state, I have been teaching people how to grow marijuana successfully. I job at a local dispensary plus I believe that everybody should be growing marijuana. There truly is no better medicine in all the world! Honestly now, I don’t even understand why marijuana is still illegal in many arenas, it should have never been made illegal to begin with. That is a whole bizarre story though. If you want to successfully grow your own marijuana, you need good soil, organic fertilizer, grow tents, containers, plus good grow lights; Fluorescent lights are wonderful because they don’t burn your plants plus don’t overheat your growing area. If you use HPS lights, you can risk burning your plants plus you need a ventilation method to get rid of the excess heat. This is why I request fluorescent grow lights or LED grow lights. The T5 fluorescent lights are great. When you have your soil mixed plus put into your growing containers, you can put in your clones or your seeds that are already germinated. When bringing up the plants initially, you want the lights on an 18 hour light 6 hour dark schedule. This is your vegatative stage. Theoretically, you can keep plants in the vegatative stage as long as you want plus they will just continue to grow so long as you take good care of them. I request going into the flowering stage as soon as they are between 1 to 3 feet tall. You will find that in the flowering stage, they will continue to grow suddenly plus you don’t want them too tall in your grow tent. When those hairs on the buds mostly change fromwhite to a red, orange, or brown color, then it is time to harvest those plants! You must trim all the buds plus then hang them up to dry. Always dry them naturally, or you can ruin your whole harvest. Don’t use food dehydrators or anything appreciate that. Always store your buds in glass jars plus open them up to breathe every so often.

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