This is how you solve medical problems

I am right now in school and what I am is a science major. No, I don’t want to teach science or be a scientist in a white lab coat. I actually am taking cannabis science courses. I am learning about how different cannabis products affect medical marijuana patients. I am understanding how the different medical strains are life changing to certain people. After I am done with school, I am going to join a huge medical marijuana dispensary and work as a budtender. I will be the one who recommends products to customers and gives them with a positive experience. But, since I am in school, I don’t have the time to work there just yet. The dispensary I want to work for also is pushing me to take cannabis products training and online dispensary training. Since I am not familiar with using cannabis products and what people need, I have to get the knowledge. Also, I have never worked in a dispensary, so that is where the majority of my courses will be in. At first, I was worried about all of this training. I go to school full time and have a ton of homework. I pictured myself driving to dispensary sales training everyday and hating my life. The place I train at allows me to go totally online though. I am getting my cannabis products education and cannabis sales education from the comfort of my dorm room. I can work on my computer at my leisure while learning. It is making me way more interested in the topic.

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