There is no need to worry

I have always been undoubtedly heedful where alcohol is concerned. My Grandfather was a major drinker, to the point where he was pretty much a local legend. During his time in France in World War II, he completely disappeared from the field of battle for a number of weeks, plus was considered to have been a POW. They were eventually able to find him plus a few buddies holded up in a wine cellar they had found, where they hid out plus got completely smashed for a fortnight. That is a pretty amazing story, plus I have told it more than a few times, however it does not address the nasty side of alcoholism. Seeing as how alcohol addiction has a genetic link, I have always leaned towards marijuana instead of alcohol, ever since I was back in university… I never had a problem with people drinking a bunch of beer or doing shots around me, I was just totally nervou that I would get hooked, so cannabis was my safe alternative. I did a lot of research on marijuana plus could find no scientific evidence showing that it was actually addictive… For me, that is the greatest thing, because I want to have a fabulous time for a short time, then go back to my regular life, plus marijuana gives myself and others that opportunity. I can relieve all kinds of stress, relax, plus have fun with cannabis, plus not worry about being totally addicted to it. If there are any people out there that actually find scientific proof that marijuana is recognizably addictive, please share it, as I would like to read it. Until that period of time the people I was with and I will keep safely enjoying good cannabis.

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