The CBD oil in my coffee was not what I was told

Call me crazy, but I have something I found that really works for me.

I stumbled upon it quite by accident, it was my son’s fault if I’m being honest. But what a happy accident it was, and my whole attitude about work changed on a dime. Like usual in the mornings I wake up before anyone else, and I make my coffee. No sugar, just a splash of creamer, but I realized this wasn’t creamer in the fridge. It had no smell and no real taste, so I didn’t bother throwing out the coffee and took it with me to work. It was the best day I’ve ever had at work, because that had been CBD distillate I had poured in my coffee. Since then I do it every morning, and my CBD coffee has given me so much more passion for my job. It was sort of a weird conversation at first, because I had to approach my son and ask him to get me CBD oil to use in the future. He looked relieved, and told me that CBD oil was totally legal, and that I could go get it myself. I did just that, and discovered the CBD oil was very legal and very easy to get. The problem was that the next day I put it in my coffee and it did not have the same results at all. I went back to my son and asked what kind of CBD oil he was using, and he sheepishly admitted that he uses CBD oil that still has THC in it.


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