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When the laws initially started to change in my state, I was an undoubtedly cheerful boy. I had done my part to try plus change hearts plus minds, plus I figured there were enough other people just like me who finally got the laws to change to the will of the people. As strange as it sounds, the will of the people does not truly have much bearing on the law or its enforcement. Millions of innocent, peaceful people were totally at risk of being branded as criminals because the laws were entirely outdated altogether. A lot has changed recently, though, plus now not only do every one of us have broad revisions about the legality of medical marijuana use, but it has gone a step further! Of course it is not permitted at all to sell marijuana, but every household is allowed to grow up to 2 cannabis plants now. This is seriously great news to me, because I have no desire to sell marijuana, but I sure would prefer to stop spending a ton of currency on buying it! If I can just grow a couple of cannabis plants at a time and be a casual, recreational marijuana user, save currency, plus stop risking my freedom ultimately! The fact it took this long for cannabis to get legal approval is simply insane to me, because it definitely harmless. I’ve been told the only reason marijuana was ever illegal in the beginning was because of the tobacco lobby. It seems as though those days are behind us for the most part, because now I am growing my own cannabis supply, plus doing it entirely legally.

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