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The subject of dealing drugs has been a pretty major political hot button issue for some time now. Everyone seems to agree that an entire illegal industry centered around drugs is not exactly a good thing for society. I happen to be of the opinion that if particular drugs were no longer illegal that the criminal industry around them would essentially vanish overnight. How many moonshiners got put out of business simply because the government overturned Prohibition plus legaled the booze once more? A vast majority of them did, I would bet you basically any amount of cash, plus the same thing would happen today if we made the decision to legalize recreational marijuana use. If every person was permitted to grow one or more than one cannabis plants at home, for their own personal use, then how could people actually keep illegally selling it? Business is basically all about supply plus demand, plus the demand for cannabis has been mighty strong for decades now. The war on drugs obviously didn’t win any victories or solve any drawbacks, especially when it comes to marijuana use. However, if we were to flood the market with more cannabis than there was actual demand, drug dealers would definitely stop turning a profit. Of course there would still be some marijuana dealers out there acting above the law, but it would be such a gigantic decline from where we are now. Think of all the cash our local authorities would save by not wasting it chasing plus prosecuting cannabis users! This is one of the main reasons that I suppose all of society would benefit from the legalization of both the medical plus the recreational use of marijuana.

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