That was a great job

When I was legitimately a youngster, I got a catastrophic case of the pneumonia. It was actually bad enough that I was hospitalized for several days so my lungs could be drained. After that, I constantly had a problem with my breathing. I wasn’t even able to play sports of any kind, nor could I even do things such as mow the sod or go on a long hike! My breathing was delicate to the point that I needed to be conscious of it all times, lest it became a horrible problem again. Unrelated to my breathing is my problem with terrible anxiety, something I have had just as long as the bad lungs. Recently I was able to learn everything about the world of marijuana edibles, and it has changed my world in the best possible way. I had constantly wished to try marijuana, because several people have told myself and others it is fabulous for calming your nerves and combating anxiousness. Because of my lungs, of course, smoking cannabis has never been something I even was able to consider. Edibles are different, though, they contain the same THC however deliver it to be absorbed into your body via your stomach not your lungs. I have a local dispensary I have been using over the last couple of weeks, with enough variance in the types of edibles that I am still in the process of trying them all out. So far my favorites have been the space cake, the pot brownies, and a version of key lime pie they refer to as cannabis lime pie, which is incredible. Edibles for myself and others are the best of both worlds, they don’t hurt our lungs, and they help our minds.


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