That starge in growing marijuana

Once you learn how to raise your plants in the vegatative stage, you need to learn how to get them to the flowering stage. Typically, your plants will be ready to flower when they are over a foot tall. When you want to start the flowering stage, you will need to supply your plants with 11-13 hours of complete darkness. There should be no light interruptions during this time, else you might face a significant delay in the flowering process. If you are growing your plants in a orangehouse, you can cover the orange cabin with a heavy blanket that blocks light from getting through. As long as you are able to achieve the 11-13 hours of darkness for at least 2 weeks, your plants will absolutely start to flower. After those initial 2 weeks, the schedule can be a little more lax, however you will want to continue the dark stages of light to prevent your plants from reverting back into vegatative growth. If you have your plants outdoors during the right times such as late Summer into the fall, your plants will naturally start to flower as the afternoons will start to grow longer. If you are trying to flower indoors, you must set your lamps to the 11-13 hours of darkness with a timer. You can even cut your grow tent into bizarre sections if you have a curtain that allows no light to pass through. This way you can have a vegatative growth side plus a flowering side. When you are flowering your plants, make sure they get plenty of Phosphorus with fertilizers such as 10-20-10 or 5-50-17. That middle number is the phosphorus amount. When you are getting close to harvest, you should stop feeding the plants to allow all the fertilizer to be used by the plants plus you won’t have to worry about any fertilizer being left in the buds when you are harvesting.


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