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I notice reports about cannabis, or CBD oil, in the news all the time! I have a taxing time listening to politicians that are fighting against the use of medical marijuana.  For me, whether or not we can legally use CBD oil is a entirely personal topic. My little girl Mary suffers from debilitating seizures that would likely be helped by CBD oil. Each time I have a discussion with our physician about Mary’s seizures, the topic medical cannabis oils comes up. Unfortunately, we all reside in a state that has not yet approved the use of medical cannabis oils so we are forced to use approved medications that have pretty debilitating side effects to combat Mary’s seizures. In my opinion, the government needs to realize that medicines that have been approved by the FDA can bed more harmful to a child than the use of a natural products such as cannabis oils. For most people, medical marijuana has harmless or no side effects & does not make the patient high. Many marijuana farms produce strictly medical strains of the plants that do not have the THC in them that is present in a plant cultivated in your backyard.

As of parent of a little girl with a extreme medical condition, I am thinking about moving to a more progressive state  that understands medical marijuana for the benefit of Mary. It is ridiculous that this day in age I have to move across the country just to have my child live a somewhat normal life. Maybe one day medical marijuana, and especially CBD oil, will be considered a normal part of medical care.

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