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I am right enrolled in college.  I am in my final year as a science major. No, I don’t plan to teach or get hired as a scientist in some big commercial lab. I have focused my courses on cannabis science. I am learning about different cannabis products and the benefit they provide medical marijuana patients. I am learning the difference between medical strains. The cannabis improves quality of life for certain people. After I graduate, I am going to join a medical marijuana dispensary and work as a budtender. I will recommend products to buyers & hopefully create a positive experience for them. Because I am in school, I don’t have time to start work there just yet. The dispensary I plan to work for has asked  me to take cannabis products training & dispensary training. I am not overly familiar with using cannabis products. I am not sure how to determine what people need, and I need to get the training. Also, I have never worked in a dispensary before, so that is where the majority of my training will be focused. At first, I was a bit worried about finding time for all of this training. With going to school full time, I have a ton of homework. I pictured myself spending all day at the dispensary sales training & getting really stressed out. Thankfully, I am allowed to do everything totally online. I am fulfilling the cannabis products education & cannabis sales education from my dorm room. I can complete the courses from my computer when I have the time.  This is way more convenient.

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