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I probably told you about how I used to deliver pizzas, right? Right out of high school, and for more than two years after that I worked full time as a pie delivery person. Of course things change, and I ended up shifting tasks and going into a higher gear with a local recreational marijuana dispensary. The task was entirely similar to the former one, except for the tips were much more and the people were a lot nicer. After a few months driving these kind of deliveries, I got a pretty nice brainstorm that combined both tasks into one. Working for the local marijuana dispensary has been a fantastic opportunity for me, because unlike the pizza chain it has increased benefits. I hate to sound totally greedy, but I realized that the tips I was getting from our loyal cannabis shoppers was still not as much as I was hoping to make… So I started going to go to my old task and I was picking up various pizzas at the start of a cannabis delivery shift. The first few weeks I just handed out free slices of pizza to all marijuana shoppers who might have had the munchies. This seriously increased my tips. My initial idea had been to start selling pizzas and munchies to our marijuana delivery shoppers, but after a few days I saw that was the wrong approach altogether. After paying for an immense sack of OG kush or pot brownies, if I also provided them with an unexpected surprise like a slice of pizza, people tipped me quite a bit more. I try to switch up the food, but constantly carry some munchies around for the marijuana customers.

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