Promotion to a dispensary manager and getting all new training

I have worked in a cannabis dispensary for over five years.

When I started I had to do a whole bunch of training.

I needed to know the products so I had CBD training and other cannabis products training. But, not only do you need to know the products and side effects that you are selling, but how to sell them. So on top of those course, I had to do budtender training. I did online dispensary sales training for months in order to learn how to appropriately sell to a customer. It is more than knowing the product and recommending it. A budtender needs to maintain trust and create a positive environment. We also have to be prepared for the seasoned user, medical marijuana patient and first time user. There are a lot of different situations to cover and liability risks all at the same time. After working as a budtender for five years, I finally became the manager at the dispensary. I took it upon myself to get dispensary manager training. There is no such thing as too much knowledge. I needed to know how to properly lead my staff of budtenders. I know how to sell, but they need to as well. As a manager I need to invoke the ABC policy, hold my staff accountable for their actions but also be praised for a job well done. The first thing I did as a manager was have my whole staff do a dispensary sales team training session. We all worked together, learned a lot and built a lot of morale doing the role playing techniques.


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