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I was truly happy when they first legalized recreational marijuana in our state… When they first opened up some of the recreational marijuana dispensaries, I decided to go check them out, however i l received that the two of us were allowed to grow up to 6 plants legally in our state, of course, I didn’t believe much about growing marijuana, however I thought it would be a good method to learn.

I got some tips for growing marijuana from the people at the dispensary, plus I also was told of a few websites that could help teach me what I needed to know, then not only was the dispensary incredibly helpful, however they had most of the resources that I needed, they had bizarre varieties of seeds for sale, plus they also had clones that I could purchase, because of my love for marijuana, I have already tried a wide variety of strains already such as OG Kush, Pineapple Express, plus Blue Dream, at the dispensary, they had some truly nice clones with strains such as Gorilla Glue, Train Wreck, plus Sour Diesel.

I was being told about these strains how some were for indoor plus outdoor growing, while others were strictly for outdoor growing; Since the two of us are not allowed to grow openly without having the plants under lock plus key, I decided I would do my growing indoors. I bought a few grow tents, some fluorescent grow light fixtures, plus some quality organic fertilizer. When I had everything set up, I decided to get some good clones from the local dispensary, but my first crop took about 3 months to complete, plus I was trimming some beautiful buds that smelled great. I hung them up to dry plus before I knew it, I had some of the best marijuana I’ve ever tried!
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