Only permitted and licensed farmers can grow medical marijuana

The people in addition to several of my friends are marijuana users in these legal states.

In 1973, marijuana wasn’t as big of a deal as it seems to be today.

Now the people I was with in addition to myself our generational folks that feel marijuana should be grown legally at least for personal use. In this area of the country, most of the states in addition to cities allow legal recreational use of medical marijuana. The medical marijuana laws very and each state in addition to the different regions are different by far. Since the laws are different from state to state, many marijuana Farmers don’t understand what is necessary in order to grow medical marijuana. In order to have a large grow operation, you must be permitted for using commercial products. Anything after personal use is commercial in addition to a felony. With an entirely large grow operation, the state police agents can easily catch wind of any problem. Some months ago, one of the growers in our County was forced into a sting operation that resulted in them having to close the farm down for months. They accidentally sold 50 lb of weed to an undercover DEA agent. The newspaper had the Story 4 days in addition to they had a live feed directly from that marijuana Farm. It was a crazy thing to happen in our little neighborhood and that it means people are paying attention to the marijuana laws. It won’t be long before it’s legal everywhere, but they’re still going to make sure that everyone follows the law letter to 80.

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