OG Kush as a strain

Many cannabis dispensaries offer a wide variety of products such as whole flower, oils, edibles, plus cookies. These medical marijuana treats are usually infused with a variety of marijuana strains. Girl Scout cookies, yellow kush, plus OG Kush are some of the most famous strains. I entirely appreciate to have a chocolate chip cookie infused with OG Kush. Marijuana strains come in three bizarre types. Sativa strains appreciate Durban Poison, Jack Herer, plus Sour Diesel, are great for mind plus body results. These sativas are perfect for feeling energetic plus full of ideas. Indica strains are a little bit different. Indica strains appreciate yellow cheese, grape ape, plus Northern Lights produce a more relaxed plus calm effect. Indica strains are also called ”in the couch” strains, because they make you believe appreciate taking a nap. Hybrid strains are a mix of both indica plus sativa strains. Hybrid strains contain both indica plus sativa traits. I work at a cannabis dispensary close to my house, plus every one of us have more than 100 bizarre indica, sativa, plus hybrid marijuana strains. It seems appreciate all of our customers want something different. Every one of us try to keep a lot of bizarre items on hand, so all of our customers are cheerful. Not only do every one of us have hundreds of bizarre flowers, however every one of us also have a handful of edibles, tinctures, waxes, plus CBD products. Some folks appreciate to smoke marijuana the ancient fashioned way, in a bong, pipe, or bowl. There are a lot of folks are trying vaping or edibles as well. Every one of us have something for every recreational or weekly marijuana user.
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