New pot seeds online

I have just obtained some marijuana seeds online plus I got totally swindled, but getting seeds to grow marijuana is legitimately difficult… I have no experienced growing sites in my city! There isn’t a single person with a cannabox container or a marijuana grow room willing to sell to me.

I then took my possibilities on the web.

I had to find someone within my state to sell to myself and others because otherwise it would be illegal. I finally settled on 1 guy plus he charged myself and others around four hundred bucks for a few seeds, he boasted that it was a high quality strain I had grown accustomed to. The seeds were supposed to be a combination of female and male seeds, and male plants are legitimately helpful if you want to grow more seeds. I was interested in that because I would like to expand my growing business and maybe I could sell the seeds online. It’s clear to me that there is a shortage of marijuana growing in my area. I also wanted female plants since they are the 1s that provide an assortment of flowers. These are the plants you harvest plus then have your product in. Well what would you guess. The guy only gave myself and others male seeds. I now have a bunch of plants that create the seeds. I keep thinking I might get a female plant soon, then nope, I now have a bunch of male plants plus worthless seeds. I just would like to have one female plant to see if I even like the marijuana I get from my plant. Its safe to say that I have the worst luck when it comes to pot growing.
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