My local cannabis dispensary has everything I could ask for

I like living where there is are many cannabis dispensaries to choose from I recently moved from a state where they only allowed medical cannabis use. Since I didn’t have a medical card, I was not able to purchase anything. Where I live now, I have a cannabis dispensary that is very near to where I live. I am always finding new strains of marijuana and I love that they have weekly deals and special. I couldn’t believe I was able to buy Girl Scout Cookies marijuana for half off. Not long ago, the local cannabis dispensary started with local delivery. I was floored because I had never thought a cannabis dispensary would be able to do deliveries. I think my favorite part of our local dispensary is the budtenders. I know their budtenders are well trained because they are so knowledgeable. Not matter who is in the dispensary, if I have a question, the budtender on duty is able to give me a good answer. I had tried other dispensaries before staying with our local one, but no one seemed to care about me as a person. I just decided to choose that dispensary that had well-trained budtenders. They offer everything from the marijuana edibles to the CBD oils. Their prices are fair and I never feel like I am walking away being cheated. They are always getting in new marijuana products and I have never been disappointed. I especially like their brownies and the wide selection they offer. I am actually anxious to go into the dispensaries to see what they have new to offer.

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