Medical marijuana training

One thing that I’ve always wanted to try but I never have is something called marijuana edibles. If you aren’t familiar with marijuana and cannabis, you may have a very negative idea about those things. Well, I used to have a negative feeling about marijuana and cannabis, too. I just grew up in a part of the country where everyone thought that marijuana was the worst thing ever. People used to make jokes about pot brownies all the time and they would always ask if the brownies at bake sales and at family reunions were pot brownies! Anyway, I have been reading all kinds of things about marijuana and cannabis lately and how cannabis has been proven to completely eradicate cancer cells in the human body. I don’t have cancer, but I know a lot of people who do and I think that any type of plant or plant product that can be used as medicine is a great thing! The idea of medical cannabis or medical marijuana appeals to me way more than the thoughts of using man made chemicals or chemotherapy to try and get rid of cancer cells. But when I read about how certain marijuana edibles and cannabis edibles are being used to treat chronic pain and inflammation and anxiety, I knew that was something that I should try. I don’t like smoking anything, but I will definitely eat it! I’m planning on picking some marijuana edibles up tomorrow at our recently opened marijuana dispensary. I’m still not sure which kind to get, though.

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