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I have all kinds of options at this point and I don’t even know where to start, but am giddy with the excitement of it all… After multiple weeks of hard work, in addition to figuring out how to build things, I completed the task of building a greenhouse in our backyard. It is a modest structure, completely enclosed with glass in addition to wood to best capture the rays of the Summer sun in addition to draw the sunshine in! Now that it is completely finished, I can start the next stage of our plan, in addition to start planting the cash crops. I say “crops” but in reality I will be planting thirty different plants from multiple different strains of cannabis. Since there are hundreds of varieties of cannabis, from all over the world, I must find out which seeds task best for our greenhouse. Sure I would really love to start out with a bumper crop of OG kush, bubble gum blend, or a Hawaiian blend, even though I have to be especially smart about it. First of all, some of those cannabis seeds are terribly costly, so to invest immense money in that before I have our process down wouldn’t be the smartest move. I am starting out with numerous local strains of cannabis that were advised to myself and others by a local dispensary. I need to start with marijuana plants that have been known to grow around these parts, even if it is ragweed. When I eventually try a few test batches, in addition to try a few clones, I will start researching the more expensive strains of cannabis, in addition to start ordering seeds through the mail.

Mochi kush 

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