Marijuana strains that should be kept in stock

When you own a cannabis dispensary, you need to be aware of what you should stock.

If you are a fan of OG Kush, you may want to have OG Kush in ever for available.

However, you need to keep in mind that not everyone will be a fan of OG Kush. Others may be a fan of Orange Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, or any other type of marijuana. You need to have stock on the most popular sellers. You may think your cannabis dispensary is well stocked, but not everyone is going to agree. It is always a good thing to offer new products and ask your customers what they like. Like McDonalds rolling out new burgers for a limited time, you may want to roll out a new strain of marijuana once in a while. There will be some strains that you find you want to keep. You’ll see people returning and asked for a particular strain, and you know it is a hit. Someone I know who owns a cannabis dispensary, tried this in their store, but with brownies. He ordered several types of brownies and asked his customers which they preferred. The pot brownie that received the most votes, became a regular in his dispensary. It can be a bit difficult to find out just what items you want to carry temporarily or permanently. Picking and choosing can take a while, but if you get the input of your customers, you will have a steady stream of business, hoping to find something new to try and maybe choose their favorite.

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