Many roadblocks on this venture

I am thinking about growing marijuana in my backyard, but for years I had a vegetable garden that was doing very well, and I had the largest, reddest tomatoes you could find.

I had tons of radishes, zucchini plus tomato growing; Once marijuana became legal in my state, I took out the veggies.

I am a recreational pot smoker from time to time and would like to have my own product. I find the science of cannabis just amazing. There are so many factors when growing pot, you need to ponder getting lighting, temperature and nutrients, right now I am at a roadblock though. I need to get seeds for marijuana, but step the first thing I do is purchasing seeds plus I am at a loss, and most people get their marijuana seeds from another experienced grower. The only other marijuana grower I feel is a serious jerk. The guy has his own growing facility plus plenty of seeds. He won’t sell me one single seed. He thinks I am going to turn into competition plus then sell my product. I just want to have a few plants in the yard to smoke for my own needs. The dude just won’t give up the seeds. So now I am looking at purchasing them online, then you would suppose cannabis dispensaries would have seeds to buy! I feel like this hasn’t been approved yet though. So I need to find individuals willing to sell. The snag is that the seeds can’t cross state lines or it turns to being illegal. Finding the seeds plus within my state is becoming quite a problem. I guess that I might have been too hasty taking my veggies out.

Cannabis grow cabinet

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