Legalized marijuana

It seems that I am regularly reading about medical cannabis. I have a hard time listening to political opponents fighting against the use of medical marijuana.  For me, this is a certainly an important concern. I have a nephew that I take care of who suffers from debilitating seizures on almost every day. Each time I have a discussion with my nephew’s nurse or doctor, the topic medical cannabis oils is broached. The people I was with and I live in a state that still has laws against the use of medical cannabis oils for any reason so we are forced to use various medications that have serious side effects to reduce the frequency and seriousness of my nephew’s seizures. In my opinion, lawmakers should wake up and realize that many of the medicines that have been approved by the FDA are more harmful than the use of a natural products such as cannabis oils, especially for children. Many of these oils have certainly little side effects plus children or other patients do not get the same “high” factor that hippies from the past were seeking. Marijuana farms produce strictly medical strains of the plants that lack THC.

As an aunt and caretaker of a child with a serious medical condition, I am seriously considering uprooting the whole family to go somewhere that allows medical marijuana. It is sad that this day in age I am almost forced to uproot everyone’s stability just to have my nephew live a somewhat normal life. Maybe in the near future, medical marijuana use will be as common as taking an aspirin.

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