Legal cannabis

Long before medical cannabis was legalized in our state, I still would get cannabis always.

I found it helped myself and others out a wonderful deal with my arthritis pain, and I also got relief from stress and anxiety.

I only liked to smoke the best quality cannabis because it really worked for me. If the cannabis was not of enjoyable quality, I would only get a headache for the most part. I was really blissful though when medical cannabis became available because then I was able to go to the cannabis dispensary and see what they had. I was genuinely amazed by the selection of various cannabis flowers and extracts. I went over my complications with the staff at the cannabis dispensary and they were really nice and helpful. I was able to find some excellent strains that were better than any other cannabis flowers I have ever tried in my life, but also with the extracts, they fully eliminated all my pain, so I will continue to use the extracts. The price of cannabis products is a little high, however I really do prefer the products absolutely much. The workers at the Cannabis Dispensary tell myself and others the high price is due to all the tax from the government. They were basically telling myself and others that it is triple taxed, and that really is a shame. It’s a enjoyable thing that the people I was with and I have access to quality medical cannabis, but they really should take it straight-forward a little bit on all of the tax. I suppose this will cause a lot of people to keep buying cannabis on the black market, because they are able to get better deals. For myself and others though, the extracts are really worth it.


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