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For numerous years I was the best driver for my local pizza delivery shop. It was an independent store, not connected to any of the major pizza supply chains, however it had a great local rep and did pretty amazing business. I worked there 40 to 60 hours a week, depending on how busy it happened to be, and was the only driver my boss could consistently count on! The tips were mediocre, however the pay was pretty wonderful so I worked hard. After a while, I started to get bored of the task entirely, not to mention was thoroughly sick of the smell of pizza. I managed to get an interview with a local marijuana dispensary that was looking to start a delivery service. My reference from the pizza employer was absolutely glowing, of course, although I entirely wanted to impress the marijuana dispensary employer and make a positive impression. I told her how seriously I took my task, how well I knew the town overall, and that I rarely ever partook of cannabis myself. She was telling me how a single one of their cardinal rules was to never “get high on your own supply” and use cannabis while at work or driving. I guess I made a pretty nice impression, because the next morning she called me back and gave me the cannabis delivery driver job. I was delighted to start entirely working at a new site, because even if my task would be somewhat similar, the world of the legalized cannabis industry was pretty new to me, and I found it all particularly lovely.

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