It only took one shit talker

I rememberBeing in school and studying a little bit about how people were required to properly grow cannabis a long time ago in America! This was because the many people I was with and I needed cannabis to make extremely tough ropes & sails for our ships & things love that; It was also wonderful back in the day for making clothing & even was an excellent medicine for many ailments that was put in many tinctures & what not.

I previously was wondering what in the world happened that made the government Sutton Lane choose to make this highly beneficial crop completely illegal in our nation.

That’s when I started studying for myself about the dude who was the predecessor to the Federal DEA. This dude was named Harry Anslinger; apparently he hated all people who were not white & especially despised Jazz musicians in particular who were large Lane African American people at the time, but one thing he understood was that they enjoyed smoking their cannabis. This actually was also the plight of a lot of mexican people who came to America many years ago, however so Anslinger pushed this whole reefer madness movement at that time to make people know that this was an incredibly, seriously dangerous drug. It was made illegal Wayback in 1937 & even to this morning, mostly people of color are being harshly targeted for using cannabis. The drug war has evidently failed because clearly the use of these drugs has not gone down, however countless people these days are in jail. It’s an absolute shame that this happened to cannabis, because it has many helpful benefits.

Growing marijuana

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