If you own a dispensary, get your budtenders trained

For anyone who wants to own a cannabis dispensary, it is important to have a staff that is knowledgeable not just on your inventory, but on the subject of marijuana.

Budtenders should be highly trianed and know all about their craft. If you bring new products into your dispensary, then a staff meeting should be called, to make every employee, even the delivery driver, aware of the products you are now carrying. Before I owned my own cannabis dispensary, I had been to several cannabis dispensaries that didn’t train their budtenders very well. No one I know wants to go into a cannabis dispensary and get an answer to their question that is so generic, it is like you asked them if they brushed their teeth. One friend asked the person if their pot brownies were going to have a strong effect on them. The girl told him it would have a mild effect. The effect of pot brownies depends on different factors. The brownies he bought were made from OG Kush. OG Kush is known to have strong effects on everyone. Know one really knows how the marijuana will affect you. It depends on the type of marijuana, your body composition and if you had used marijuana in the past. If that budtender had the correct training, there would have been no problems. I feel it is up to the owner of the cannabis dispensary to make sure the budtenders have good training in every product that is in the store. Training is available online and in sit-down seminars.


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