I wasn’t getting high

I have consistently been what is now called a “straight edge” but I predate that phrase by such a long time. Back in our day there was nothing to call it except “being square” because I liked to keep a sober head on my shoulders regularly. I have nothing against drinking or even various recreational drugs, although I definitely always wanted to consistently keep my mind sharp, that’s just the type of person I am, as well as I doubt that will ever change in my life… A few months ago I was given a diagnosis from the health professional, as well as I don’t certainly want to get into the details of it, but he advocated that I try out medical marijuana to help with some of the side effects of my ongoing treatment. I had never tried cannabis before, as well as I was interested in the benefits it could give, but didn’t want to get high. I explained this to the health professional, who let me know all about something called CBD oil, which is actually popular in the medical marijuana industry. CBD oil is perfect for people just like me, because it gives the medical benefits of the plant without the “high” feelings that typically come along with it. I am so ecstatic I spoke to the health professional about my problems, because the results of CBD oil are appealing, as well as my brain still feels perfectly clear as well as sharp. With my body failing me, I feel it is more crucial than ever to stay focused mentally, so CBD oil is certainly perfect for my needs. I look forward to the day I can actually beat this condition, so I don’t have to use CBD oil or anything else at all anymore.

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