I wasn’t even thinking

Life on the farm is not exciting to be honest, but then again an exciting life is not what I want to lead. I was raised in the city, after all, so I definitely know what it is like in the rat race. I have plenty of friends who were born & raised in the rural community, but speaking as someone coming from the city, this is the perfect arena to reside. I moved here by choice, I started farming by choice, & it was never a choice I regretted in the slightest, not even once. Recently, things have taken a nice turn when I was contacted by a person about growing cannabis for a local dispensary. The legalized medical marijuana laws are still incredibly new around here, people are figuring them out, but they absolutely want solid, law abiding citizens involved with this whole thing. I am well respected around here, & the person thought that if a pillar of the community got involved with growing legal marijuana, then it would easily go a long way towards getting local support in the community. Around here a lot of people are very concerned about cannabis, because they have been told it will lead to crime. I of course know the truth about this, because not only do I smoke marijuana even though I do so officially with people who have jobs as cops, lawyers, & politicians. I personally believe the stigma around cannabis is seriously ridiculous. Now I I will be able to show the world that I know marijuana is a great cash crop, & I also get to increase the yearly income for our farm!

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