I was going west

For many as well as many years, my wife as well as myself were proponents on the evils of marijuana use.

Neither one of us wanted to give cannabis products a chance, as well as it seems like every one of us would do anything possible to keep marijuana from becoming legal in our community.

Even when the environment was shifting as well as attitudes were becoming different, the people as well as myself did our best to Buck the system and keep times from changing. It’s just the way we honestly grew up, because the two of us never thought that marijuana use was something good. We Associated using marijuana or smoking pot with something that only bad people did. Now we know there are a lot of differences, and the times have changed a lot. The both of us have tried to honestly not be as judgmental as we were in the past, especially now that cannabis as well as marijuana use has become more prevalent in this place. Honestly, the two of us adore ourselves these afternoons, especially after partaking in some marijuana use on our own. Most of us no longer feel like we are judged by all of the people, as well as the marijuana use has helped us to feel much less stress over a long. Of time I can’t believe that my opinions have changed so much over these years, but I’m glad to learn more about medicinal marijuana as well as the many ways that it can help users to have some pain relief.

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