I try to not be selfish

Ever since I was a young man, I had a problem with my lungs. I must say, asthma is no fun at all, especially when you are a kid checking out everyone else playing outside through your dining room window. As a teenager it was no real problem for me to resist the peer pressure of smoking cigarettes, because even a hint of secondhand smoke sends me into a terrible coughing fit. As you might imagine, I was not a lot of fun at parties while in this era, because a lot of my friends smoked. Later in school they got into smoking recreational marijuana, plus once again I found myself on the outside looking in. Cannabis surely did seem as though it was really relaxing, plus an enjoyable way to hang out plus bond with some of my friends, but what choice did I have? One day my eyes were totally pulled wide open when a friend took me to one of the brand new local marijuana dispensaries plus I made a shocking discovery… I had literally never heard of edibles before, plus to be legitimate my first response was anger. There were edibles available the whole time plus nobody thought to mention it to the guy who has a hard time breathing? My anger suddenly subsided, however, after my friend plus I picked out a few unusual edibles for me to try out. That marked my very first experience with cannabis, plus it was the sort of enjoyable time I had never experienced before. Now that I have discovered edibles, hanging out with all of my friends is more fun than it ever has been in the past.

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