I really enjoyed my trip to the dispensary recently

Just recently, medical and recreational types of marijuana have been legalized in our state; it didn’t take super long for multiple cannabis dispensaries to open up in our local area, either.

I was curious to visit one of these types of dispensaries and see what it was like inside.

I expected a very small shop in a seedy city. I doubted I’d even get up enough courage to step inside, but when I drove to the closest dispensary, I was surprised by their new facility. The building was large and it was well-lit and located in a very overpriced area. The staff was welcoming to me and knowledgeable too. I was greeted instantly and also offered assistance. When I admitted that I had no experience with marijuana and I was unsure what I was looking for exactly, a budtender offered to show me around the store. The number of products was shocking. I hadn’t even realized that marijuana was available in so many multiple forms. They offer a wide range of flowers, edibles, tinctures, oils and even more. There’s also a whole line of beauty products and even options designed for your pets. The budtender explained the difference between THC and CBD to me and he let me try a few samples of the edibles. l learned that cannabis offers a natural alternative to conventional medicines and remedies. Plus, there are no harmful long-term side-effects from it and nobody has ever overdosed on marijuana. It is used to treat everything from PTSD and depression to glaucoma or even diabetes. The budtender gave me a tour of the dab bar and also of the vape lounge. The atmosphere in the dispensary I visited was completely safe, secure and comfortable. Everyone was super friendly and they helped to set my mind at ease.

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