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My friends and I have been working rather hard on our current greenhouse! I say that it is “our” greenhouse despite the fact it is located on my very own property, because I want it to be a communal project with a communal result. With all of the interests every one of us happen to share, every one of us collectively made the choice to build this greenhouse together so that every one of us could all actually use it. We wish to share the workload of the plants that will be growing. No one thinks this will be the most simple project, so every one of us felt our best chance for success would be to do this together. None of us have ever attempted to grow marijuana plants before, so it really is a grand experiment for us all. After every one of us finish building, we will get our own little sections, and each will start growing their own strains of cannabis. The group of us will all take turns checking on all the cannabis crops, and for that first batch every one of us will see what is working and what is not.  I personally assume it will take a few months at least, and a few cycles of cannabis growing, to get the process down and learn how to do it incredibly well! Marijuana may be thought of as a weed, but it takes a ton of skill to grow strong, healthy plants suitable for smoking or turning into oil, resin, or hash. One of my friends was showing me an article in High Times about growers starting to use Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment for their cannabis greenhouses. This is a legitimately a nice idea, but requires a major investment, so every one of us will start growing our cannabis the seasoned way.

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