I had been suffering for a while

Not so long ago, I was facing invasive brain surgery with no guarantee of survival. My kid recommended that I try 1 more thing to combat debilitating and unpredictable seizures, however she recommended hemp-based cannabidiol oil. At that time, I was suffering twelve to fifteen seizures per week. My doctors wanted to drill holes in our skull to implement nodes.  Fortunately, hemp oil is completely legal and I’ve been able to purchase it online. Since starting a correct dosage, I have been nearly seizure free. The seizures first started in our sleep, and I’d wake up disoriented. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me. I’d wake up after biting our tongue. One time, I had trouble remembering who I was, which frightened me. I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with a nocturnal seizure disorder.  I started on medication, however didn’t know stable. I gave up our job as a bus driver because of safety reasons, but when a seizure comes on, there’s no way to stop it. My seizures gradually became more frequent and severe. One minute, I’d be eating lunch, and then I’d wake up in an ambulance. My family was afraid to leave myself and others alone, and the side effect of the medication were ruining our quality of life. When our kid mentioned the proposal of medicinal marijuana, I was sad to try it. I knew it couldn’t make our condition or life any worse.  The afternoon after starting on CBD oil, I noticed an improvement. Although I still suffered a seizure, it was harshly mild. After 2 weeks of taking CBD oil, I decreased the amount from 5,000 mg per afternoon to 3,000 mg per afternoon and stopped taking antidepressants. With CBD oil, I know better than ever. I’ve gone three weeks without a seizure. I’ve l earned to use the CBD oil when I know a seizure coming on, and it stops them. I’m unsure why none of the several doctors I saw mentioned medical marijuana as a viable treatment. Cannabis is genuinely natural, has no side effects and costs considerably less than conventional medications.

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