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I’ve always wanted to try marijuana edibles. If you aren’t official with marijuana, you may have never had the opportunity to try them.  A lot of people have a negative opinion about cannabis. I once had a negative opinion of marijuana because of my upbringing. I grew up in a very small town. The community strongly discouraged the use of marijuana. The belief  was that it was far more harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. People cautioned that marijuana was a gateway drug and would lead to addiction, lack of focus and a disappointing future. I have learned more about cannabis. Cannabis has been proven to fight  cancer cells, ease pain, treat addiction, and help with things like glaucoma and PTSD. I know a lot of people who have benefited greatly from medical marijuana. Now that it is becoming legalized across the country, and success stories are coming to light, more people are becoming aware of the many benefits.  This type of plant provides a natural medicine with none of the harmful side effects of prescription drugs. There’s no worry of kidney failure or heart disease. Medical cannabis appeals to me as a safe and affordable alternative to man-made chemicals or chemotherapy. As I learn more about how certain marijuana strains are being used to treat chronic pain and inflammation, I believe it should be accessible to everyone. There should be no struggle in obtaining these products and no negative connotations for users. People now have hope for a better quality of life.  

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