How much more upfront can I be

I am still in school.  I am is a math and science major. I have no plans to teach math or become a scientist in a lab. I have begun taking cannabis science courses. I am currently learning how cannabis products benefit medical marijuana patients. I am becoming more knowledgeable in how the different strains combat illness for certain people. After I graduate from school, I am scheduled to join a larger medical marijuana dispensary as a budtender. I will be the one who recommends options to clients and provide them a positive experience. Since I am in school, I don’t have a lot of time to work there just yet. The dispensary I hope to work for is encouraging me to take cannabis products training and online dispensary training. I am not very well acquainted with cannabis products or what people need.  I need to gain the knowledge. Also, I have never been employed by a dispensary, so I expected that the majority of my courses would be held there. I was reluctant to go ahead with all of this training. I go to school full time and can barely keep up with the amount of homework. I imagined myself spending hours at the dispensary sales training course everyday and having no life. The training courses have allowed me to handle everything online. I am receiving my cannabis education and cannabis sales education from my dorm room. I can complete everything from my computer at my leisure and have time leftover for studying. It is making my career path way easier to pursue.

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