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I’ve always wanted to try marijuana edibles. If you aren’t familiar with cannabis, you may not be aware of the many products available on the current market. The legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in most states has resulted in an increase in options and availability.  At one time, I used to have a prejudiced opinion about marijuana. I grew up in a very small town, consisting mainly of dairy farmers, and everyone considered marijuana as harmful. It was definitely considered as worse than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. I have since learned that alcohol and nicotine are far more addictive and cause way more harm. However, I had been warned away from marijuana since I was a child. I was told that it would make me lazy and forgetful. In recent years,  I have looked into marijuana and learned that it is extremely helpful in the medical field. Cannabis has been proven to combat cancer cells in the human body. It lessens the impact of chemotherapy, and has been used to treat all different illnesses and even addiction. It comes from a plant and is entirely natural. There are none of the dangerous side effects of conventional drugs. Medical cannabis is gaining acceptance. It’s so much better for people than chemicals or chemotherapy. I read about how certain marijuana edibles are being used to treat chronic pain and inflammation and wanted to try it. Ever since a car accident, I have suffered such severe back and neck pain that I’ve had to quit working.  I didn’t want to smoke anything, but I was willing to try the edibles. I visited a local marijuana dispensary and was able to purchase them. I’m amazed by the results.

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