Hemp seed oil is not CBD

Sleeping has always been a lofty goal that I never achieve.

They say as you get older, it is harder to sleep at night. Combine this with going through menopause and I get no sleep. I got the best mattress money could buy with bamboo sheets and a gel pillow. I have a window air conditioner to keep me cool and I limit my screen time before bed. I still can’t sleep at all. I read online that CBD oil can help a person sleep. I went on amazon and ordered it right away. After taking it for two months, there was no difference. I then read the reviews on the product and realized I did not get exactly CBD oil. I got an offshoot hemp seed oil that is not as powerful. The reason is that amazon is not allowed to ship it, but hemp seed is close to it and able to be shipped. In order to get the actual CBD infused oil, I need to buy it online from an actual cannabis dispensary. The CBD oil is double the cost and I need to pay for shipping. I am wondering if I should even bother. The hemp seed oil did nothing to help my sleeping. The taste was disgusting as well. I tried taking it before bed and I could not stand taking it raw. I had to hide the oil in tea and it was still unpleasant. I feel like CBD oil might be worse since it’s more powerful. I do really want to sleep though. So if it does work. It will be worth it.
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