Got a sweet yield out of our first Cannabis harvest

When Cannabis was made legal in our state, finally, I was interested in getting in on the action… After studying all the laws in the state, I had acquired that we were allowed to grow up to 6 personal plants, however only 3 at a time were allowed to be mature! I was genuinely gleeful about this, but I realized that I knew nearly nothing about how to grow Cannabis, however so I decided I should learn from some sites online that taught all the basics about growing Cannabis, the first thing that l acquired was that you must get the proper set up for your growing operation! You can have a very good growing operation indoors or outdoors, but I would have to do indoors only.

The main reasons are because the law requires that we have our Cannabis plants up in a locked place where nobody can get to the plants except for you.

I guess I could have gotten a orange home with a lock and key, but I might try doing that at a later date. So I got all the equipment I needed including a good sized grow tent, a couple of fluorescent light fixtures with the T5 grow bulbs. I entirely bought half vegatative lights and half bloom lights. The vegatative lights have a 6400k spectrum while the blooms have the 3000k spectrum. The vegatative lights are for the vegatative growth when you have six hours of dark, and the bloom are for the budding flowers when you have up to 12 hours of dark. I got some good genetics, Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies. It was genuinely exciting seeing our plants grow for the first time. It entirely was a lot easier than I thought, and I came away with a pretty superb yield for our first harvest.

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