Going into a dispensary for the first time

My best friend asked a while ago if I would be interested in taking a trip. He wanted to go somewhere where medical and recreational marijuana was legal. My best friend, Eric, was big on using cannabis user and he also knew a lot about marijuana and what it could do for your body. Eric really wanted to visit a cannabis dispensary since he’s never been inside one. Eric wanted to quiz the budtender knowledge on all the different strains because he felt he might know more. Eric was very knowledgeable when it came what strain of cannabis you should take when you have a certain medical issue. He was also curious to know if the budtender had any stories about CBD and if the oil changed anyone’s life; that was where Erics knowledge wasn’t so strong. I was all for it, but we invited a few other guys to come along for the trip and they weren’t too happy with going somewhere just because of a cannabis dispensary. Regardless, they all ended up going and having a great time. All of the products were all in glass display cases and whenever we had a question, the budtender would come over and talk to us about the strain of cannabis. We even asked questions that didn’t pertain to us like, which strain would help with epilepsy or an eating disorder? He knew it all and even impressed Eric. We left, very impressed with our experience at the cannabis dispensary, and I wouldn’t mind going back before our trip. Knowing Eric, we would be.



Cannabis dispensary

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