Getting the right product to treat our mother’s Alzheimer's disease

My good friends mom has Alzheimer’s and her memory just keeps getting worse.

  • My friend would always say that it was hard to see the woman who raised her forget who she was at times.

I felt so bad for her and wanted to help. I started helping her by researching ways to help her. After what felt like a lifetime of searching, I finally found through some coworkers who knew of the situation, that my friend should consider medical marijuana for her mother. I looked online and found that really small doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) would help. The chemical found in marijuana can slow the production of beta-amyloid proteins, which is a huge feature in Alzheimer’s disease. I told my friend immediately, and she was quick to try it since medical marijuana was legal in our state. She went to the local dispensary for help. The budtender at the cannabis dispensary was amazing. She showed so much sympathy for her family’s struggle and knew what to recommend her mother start trying based off of her concerns. After she got the product, her mom started using it immediately. Within the first few weeks of using it, my friend said she could already see a difference. I would have never thought that marijuana was the answer for her mother. My friend is extremely thankful for my discovery, and I couldn’t be happier that I was able to help.

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